Hebei Guixin Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Industry: Industria pesada, construcción

About Hebei Guixin Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd:
Hebei Guixin Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional fastener company. We speciaized in BS5400,ISO13918, GB / T10433 shear connector weld stud,DIN 6914,EN14399, GB / T1228 / 2006 10.9S High strength big hex head bolt, ASTM A325,A490 tension control bolt, GB / T3632 / 2008 10.9S steel structure torsion shear bolt.
Our products include: shear connector weld stud, Nelson stud welding bolt, steel structure bolt, high strength bolt, Torsional shear bolt, stud bolt, and other kind fasteners
During many years development, our company has advanced production line and technology , and has strong technical team. Our products have exported to Southeast Asia, Middle east Countries, and Europe. GUIXIN products have obtained many honors and enjoyed a good reputation in different Countries.
HEBEI GUIXIN sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers visit factory and establish new type of trust and friendly business relationship.

Products: HARDWARE

Phone: 17752958325

Address: Mingyang village, Yongnian, Hebei, China

Email: gxfastener@163.COM

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