Dereike Intelligent M&E Equipment Co.Ltd

Dereike Intelligent M&E Equipment Co.Ltd

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About Dereike Intelligent M&E Equipment Co.Ltd:
Dereike is committed to the R&D, design, production and sales of side channel blowers, which also providing customized services. With excellent quality and service, all Dereike products have won high reputations from a wide range of industry customers. At present, the Dereike products are exported to Europe and American countries, like Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Brazil, also Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Russia, UAE., etc., and have established strategic partnerships with many well-known enterprises all over the world. Dereike side channel blower are widely used in: water treatment, central dust collection and environmental protection, automatic feeders, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, food, packaging, filling, glass products, paper cutters , combustion oxygen reduction machine, coil filter molding machine, woodworking machinery, compost fermentation, biogas delivery, powder and granule conveyor and other industries.

Products: ring blower,air blower,blower accessories,air knife,high speed blower

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