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About Xiamen Cala Logistics Co.,Ltd:
Dear guests,
We are professional third country re-export cabinet documents, the United States direct door to door customs clearance, agent import and export customs declaration and other services.
Cabinets, quartz stone, wood floors, wood lines, plywood, mattresses, clothing, shoes, electric bicycles and other products to the United States, India, Europe, Turkey have tariffs, anti-dumping duties. There are ways we can work this out. Third country re-export documents: Malaysia documents, Indonesia documents, South Korea documents, Taiwan documents, Thailand documents, Vietnam documents, Bangladesh documents, etc.
Professional focus on international logistics entrepot for 20 years, professional safety is guaranteed! Wechat (QQ) : 846895222. Welcome to consult! I wish you success in business!

Phone: +86 18359735999

Address: 18th Floor,No.268 lujiang Rood Yuanyang Plaza,Xiamen,China

Email: 18359735999@139.com

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