Hangzhou Chenrui Air Separator Installation Manufacture Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Chenrui Air Separator Installation Manufacture Co., Ltd

Industry: gas generation equipment

About Hangzhou Chenrui Air Separator Installation Manufacture Co., Ltd:
Hangzhou Chenrui Air Separator Installation Manufacture CO., Ltd located in the city of Fuyang, Hangzhou. It`s one of the most intelligent air separator equipment manufactures with low energy consumption and high efficiency in China. We focus on providing the most advanced, reasonable and energy-saving air separation equipment in this industry.
To comply with the market's demands, Chenrui always determines to pioneer, innovate and progress. It`s leading in many fields like Fully implements QES management system.,Achieved National Industrial Product Production License, State-level High-tech Enterprises Certification, 3 invention patents, 33 utility model patents and so on.
Continuous technological innovation and upgrading, brings the value for the whole industry and society, which makes the air separator equipments more individual, intelligent and high-speed.
Advanced production technology will surely achieve extraordinary products. Chenrui pioneered vacuum dust removal molecular sieve filling system, large shot blasting machine, automated welding process, efficient production process and excellent production environment let CHENRUI brand become the benchmark of air separation equipment manufacturing industry.
In the era of information and globalization, Chenrui always insists on building long-term cooperation with design institutes and research institutes. Based on the actual needs, it can introduce all kinds of high-tech equipments and production technology.
As a supplier of air separator equipment system, we have 5 main products:
1.PSA oxygen generator
2.PSA nitrogen generator
3.VPSA oxygen generator
4.Cryogenic air separator plant
5.Small liquid nitrogen generator
Our generators are widely used in petrochemical industry, the electronics industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, medical cosmetology ...

Products: psa oxygen generator, psa nitrogen generator, liquid nitrogen generator

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