Jialong Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Jialong Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industry: Machine knives and blades

About Jialong Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:
Our company focuses on the development and manufacture of various high-quality and high-precision industrial cutting, crushing machine knives and CNC grinding machines. Knife products are mainly divided into two categories: solid and inlaid steel, which are widely used in the cutting, crushing, coating and other processes of paper, plastic, rubber, leather, wood, textiles, and metal industries. In addition, our range of knives can be customized to suit your specification.

Products: Knives and cutting tools for paper, metal, wood, film, plastic, recycling industries etc.

products of Jialong Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Phone: +86-555-6768899

Address: PingQiao industrial development zone Bowang district Maanshan city Anhui Province China

Website: www.cnjlzd.com

Email: marketing@cnjlzd.com

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