Zhenghua Auxiliary Company

Zhenghua Auxiliary Company

Industry: organic peroxide,initiators,curing agent

About Zhenghua Auxiliary Company:
Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Incorporated Company was founded in 1997 and has organic peroxide processing for the main business. There are more than 20 kinds of products, including EHP,CNP,BNP TMHP and so on. Our products are mainly used as initiator and cross-linker in high polymer reaction, such as PE,PVC,rubber and other industries. With an annual output of 20,000 tons organic peroxide products, our technical level and product quality are in the leading position in domestic market.

Products: chemicals

products of Zhenghua Auxiliary Company

Phone: +8613583375845

Address: qidu town,linzi,zibo,shandong,china

Website: www.zhenghuazhuji.com

Email: sophia.hao@zhenghuazhuji.com

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