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About Hangzhou Pinxin Hydraulic Co., LTD:
PinXin Hydraulics is a professional manufacturer of replacement precision parts, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic piston pumps or motors in China. When choosing replacement hydraulic piston pump parts, you will find PinXin is your best choice with several reasons like below:

1. Highest quality guarranteed by PinXin.

I. With decades of experience about hydraulic parts producing, piston pump remanufacturing and repairing, PinXin is accomplished in producing hydraulic parts in high quality and low cost.

II. 70% of our employees are skillful technicians and mechanics. PinXin believes, only excellent people can produce excellent products.

III. PinXin has complete producing lines with advanced manufacture equipments from material to finished products.

2. Convenient Logistic Solution.

PinXin locates in Hangzhou, which is very closed to Ningbo and Shanghai port. So we can deliver our products to you promptly at low freight charge.

3. Reasonable Quotation

Our goal is to consistently provide you with quality products, delivered when you need them and at the most affordable prices.

4. Prompt Service

PinXin is managing to build a complete distributing network to provide the best service for our customers. All of your requests and responses will be treated seriously and fast.

Thanks for your browse our website. If you have any request or inquiry about hydraulic pump spare parts or complete pumps or motors, please feel free to contact me and we will reply you soon.

Products: hydraulic pumps motorscontrol valvespare parts

Phone: 18072711179

Address: ?钱?区白杨?

Email: selina@pxhyds.com

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