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Suzhou Iste Automation Equipment Co., Ltd


About Suzhou Iste Automation Equipment Co., Ltd:
Suzhou ISTE automation equipment Co., Ltd., located on the shore of Taihu Lake with pleasant environment, gathers elites from all walks of life to independently develop paper and plastic products and related equipment.

Since its establishment in 2012, the paper plastic automatic edge cutting machine, paper plastic ring cutting machine, paper plastic cup cover edge cutting machine, paper plastic product pad printing machine, paper plastic punching machine and edge folding machine researched and developed by eastay have been well received by many customers at home and abroad, and have been fortunate to serve Samsung, apple, Dyson, Lancome, McDonald's, Pizza Hut and other brand products.

The paper and plastic trimming machine independently developed by our company adopts linear motor for feeding and fetching, with fast speed and high precision; The servo hydraulic system, grating ruler positioning and pressure feedback system are used, with fast die changing and adjustment, low noise and simple operation. Pressure tonnage and table size can be customized according to customer demand.

ISTE paper plastic ring cutting machine is a kind of equipment developed for 3C product packaging box, high-end cosmetics paper holder, carton, new cigarette and wine paper plastic packaging box, etc. After four years of R & D optimization and market feedback, we have successfully developed 11 series, 21 series and 22 series of models, and obtained nine patents; The processing speed of aistai paper plastic ring cutting machine is fast, and the finished box is smooth without burr, step, vibration mark and paste smell; The self-developed ISTE graphics import system is versatile and easy to operate; The import of new products is better than other products Rotary cutting machine, proofing product cycle is short, the cost is relatively low, the cost of consumables can be ignored.

ISTE paper plastic cup cover trimming machine, i...

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