Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd

Industry: spun-lace nonwoven

About Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd:
Hangzhou Nbond Non-woven company is a spun-lace non-woven supplier.We manufacture over 60000 tons mother reels non-woven and 160 million output value of our brand products per year attached different area including beauty care, all-purpose industrial wipes, household cleaning, automotive interiors.as well as our exclusively flushable non-woven and other differentiated products and is the first company in China to invent flushable sanitary napkins.As a guiding light in the industry, we have strategically placed 12 manufacturing line and 1 experimental line to respond efficiently and provide solutions quickly to buyers.Besides,we serve as OEM/ODM business mode, and we adhere to product sustainability as a core brand drive, bring every fiber back to nature, and obtain OWKO-TEX and FSC certifications.I hope that this correspondence meets you well.

Products: wipes.beauty care.industrial wipes.medical area.household cleaning, automotive interiors.flushable non-woven (mother reels non-woven.products)

products of Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd

Phone: 18827097814

Fax: 0086-571-89170009

Address: No.16 Hongda Road,Yuhang Economic and technological development zone,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,China

Website: www.nbond.cn

Email: cassie@nbond.cn

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