Suzhou Kangpengde New Material Co., Ltd

Suzhou Kangpengde New Material Co., Ltd

Industry: Copper aluminum terminal

About Suzhou Kangpengde New Material Co., Ltd:
Focus on providing customers with safe, lightweight, energy-saving, easy processing composite materials and solutions, products used in wind energy, photovoltaic, power grid, 3C, new energy vehicles, household appliances and other fields. The company is located in the picturesque Suzhou Yangcheng Lake, covering an area of 5000 square feet, with a full set of production and inspection equipment. Guided by R & D, the company has applied for a number of patents on composite material design, process and manufacturing equipment. Taking customers as the center, the company develops and produces various kinds of composite materials and products for customers, such as steel aluminum composite, titanium aluminum composite, copper aluminum composite, copper silver composite, copper nickel composite and so on.

Products: Copper aluminum terminal

products of Suzhou Kangpengde New Material Co., Ltd

Phone: 18170170049

Address: 80 xihenggang street, Xiangcheng



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