Mianchi County, YISHU Hair Products Co. Ltd


About Mianchi County, YISHU Hair Products Co. Ltd:
Mianchi County, YISHU hair products Co. Ltd is a star of the rise of new hair products industry, we focus on the production and
sales of various seamless hair, including the new silk protein membrane ecological hair, hair, hair glaze, nano diamond six angle
cross hair, hair, hair rope connected, and all kinds of hair color, production wholesale, processing! Our company specializes in
training dozens of professionals in Yunnan, Guizhou, and other places to buy high-quality primary! The company has a large number
of outstanding professional and technical personnel and staff! Have a special disinfection workshop, production workshop,
warehouse warehouse. Some..! All raw materials and finished products have technical personnel at all levels, strict acceptance!
Ensure that each batch of products qualified!

Phone: 13193994663

Address: 渑池县五里河半坡

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