Qingdao Zhongkun International Logistics Co. , Ltd

Qingdao Zhongkun International Logistics Co. , Ltd

Industry: Global Import Freight Business Services Supply chain services

About Qingdao Zhongkun International Logistics Co. , Ltd:
Qingdao Zhongkun International Logistics Co. , Ltd. is approved by the economic and Trade Commission and the General Administration of Customs to have the right of national import and export operation of customs clearance agents to import customs-led third-party Comprehensive Logistics Services Company. For the import of Coconut Silk, Coconut Bran, peat, Palm, sesame clearance agent industry has rich experience, can solve all import problems for you, to help you save import costs, one-to-one professional services, for you to formulate import programs, improve customs clearance time. The company relies on the unique advantages of Qingdao Port, with professional knowledge, dedicated professionalism, to create value for customers. Think what customers want, urgent customer needs, successfully build set: Import Declaration, Customs Declaration, warehousing, logistics, pressure box, suitcase one-stop customs clearance service platform, improve service quality, improve customs clearance efficiency. The company covers agricultural and sideline products, machinery and equipment, food and liquor, chemical supplies, dangerous goods and other services throughout the country, is the Qingdao Port level import and export customs clearance cargo declaration company. The company has good cooperation with customs and commodity inspection to ensure the accurate and rapid completion of customs clearance needs of customers. Adhering to the principle of "treat each other in Chicheng" , the company practices the concept of "professional, dedicated, dedicated" to serve customers. Because professional, so efficient, welcome to call the advisory CICI

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