Chengdu Juka Optics

Chengdu Juka Optics

Industry: electrinic optics

About Chengdu Juka Optics:
JUKA Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in high-precision optical lens, prisms, and window,etc. Company is located in Chengdu of China, which enjoys the fame of world-wide optical processing center. JUKA's predecessor was the Optical Processing Department of the Institute of Optoelectronic Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,which was established in 1988. And company switched successfully to be a private enterprise from a state-owned enterprise in 2005.
JUKA Optics has first-class processing and detection equipments, which include more than 100 sets of processing equipments, 2 sets of Zygo interferometers and 1 set of Veeco interfermeter. Chengdu Juka also has a large number of excellent engineers for optics, machnism,electricity and operation.
Main products of JUKA Optics are optical lens, optical prisms, and optical window with almost all optical glass and crystalline materials.We provide the whole solutions for our customers from design to the final products. 50% of our optical products are exported to foreign countries, including Europe, North-America, Russia, and parts of countries in Asia. Sichuan JUKA cooperates with many institutes and colleges for their scientific research and OEM is also available.
At present,JUKA Optics is the leading the optical standard warehouse and have thousands of standard optical lens, prisms and window in stock. Customers could select as your requirements directly and this will save your cost and time

Products: optical lenses

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