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Quanzhou G&S Apparel Co.,Ltd


About Quanzhou G&S Apparel Co.,Ltd:
GS Apparel is a professional apparel manufacturer located in Fujian P.R., China. We Company has been active in the manufacturing and exporting of leisure clothing and functional sportswear for more than 30 years.

With our own factory and sub-contractors, we provide fundamental garment processing service in mode of OEM, ODM or any customized ways. With 30 years` experience in apprel manufacturing, We can provide our customers high quality goods, competitive prices and good service, designs and products.

Products: Apparel, Sports wear,

products of Quanzhou G&S Apparel Co.,Ltd

Address: Linjiang Industial District, Nanhuan Road, Licheng, Quanzhou City, Fujian P.R. of China

Email: jessie@gs-ltd.cn

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