Bom Electronic Co., Ltd.

Bom Electronic Co., Ltd.

Industry: Electronic parts

About Bom Electronic Co., Ltd.:
Bom Electronic Co ., Ltd. is a specialized and professional enterprise integrating research, design, development and supplying of wiring accessories , especially focus on cable glandes of nylon and metal. Bom elec set up the office in Sao Paulo of Brazil at the end of 2017.
Following the principle of 'quality first and client focused', we always keep the work style of high efficiency, enlightenment and trustworthiness. Promising to provide high-quality products and excellent services..

Products: All kinds of cable gland made of nylon or metal

products of Bom Electronic Co., Ltd.

Phone: +86 130 5734 0216

Address: Building A2 ,Tianan Cyber Park ,Jiangyin , Jiangsu ,China



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