Actuall Innomotive Inc.

Actuall Innomotive Inc.

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Actuall Innomotive Inc.:
many of todays firms could be accused of (marketing solutions that are looking for a problem). actuall takes a different approach. now in our tenth year we marry our expertise in the area of electric actuators and electronics to solve problems related to safety, security and efficiency. working in concert with major fleets worldwide we have solved issues ranging from operating shutter style doors for hundreds of cycles per day, to securing cargo to allowing operators to safely and efficiently load cargo in a range of applications. our engineering team has also developed a wide range of custom led lighting solutions for a variety of niche market applications. our operations in europe, north america and asia are uniquely positioned to provide localized solutions to nearly any loading or lighting application. actuall is a member of the whiting group of companies which also includes specialty manufacturers amdor inc and whiting door manufacturing limited.

Products: artlift flc;artlift elc;luma bar;amdor

Phone: +1 8774626367

Fax: +1 8774626300

Address: 4304 walden avenue, lancaster, ny 14086,united states of america



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