Inovitas Ag

Inovitas Ag

Industry: geospatial

About Inovitas Ag:
we are a highly specialized service provider in a revolutionary technology for the digitalization and cloud-based use of detailed and highly accurate 3d-imagery of streets and railways (digitizing reality). with infra3d service we have developed an innovative infrastructure platform that is already successfully established throughout europe. in over 10 countries the infra3d platform is enthusiastically used every day by infrastructure operators, administrations and engineers. the technology raised the bar for efficient maintenance, planning and developing transport infrastructuresour product, the unique infra3d service, provides you with an intelligent, georeferenced and high-resolution 3d image data base, which enables you to service your infrastructure and carry out building (construction) design work directly from your computer - whenever and wherever you are. infrastructure operators can analyze, map and measure accurately their roads or railway tracks without disrupting the addition, a significant increase in efficiency and therefore cost savings are generated.the infra3d technology serve a multitude of purposes for a broad spectrum of industries, including infrastructure management, urban planning, rail, construction and civil engineering, tunneling etc.

Phone: +41 56 552 05 70

Address: oberrohrdorferstrasse 1c,5405,baden-dattwil,switzerland




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