Industry: boat

About Aerovent:
aerovent is a leading manufacturer in the industrial fan market that designs, engineers, and supplies a wide variety of industrial-grade axial fans, centrifugal process blowers, corrosion-resistant composite fans, oem fans/propellers, and custom air make-up units. with more than 80 years of experience, aerovent has ※stood the test of time§ by providing products that are built to last, meticulously consistent, and highly reliable. aerovent offers a full variety of designs, special construction features and options to accommodate the wide range of applications for all marine vessel types. aerovent can also provide retrofit fans for vessels in need of replacement equipment. aerovents direct drive axial flow marine fans & blowers are specifically designed for rugged marine environments. fan housing lengths are shorter than our standard axial flow fans to minimize installation space. housings are constructed of heavy steel plate (1/4-3/8) to permit hot dip galvanizing or marine paint for corrosion resistance against salt laden marine environments. many of our marine duty fans are certified by the american bureau of shipping (abs) and have earned product type approval.

Products: boat building / repair,boat building and repairs,pollution control / environmental services,environmental services,boat building supplies,air systems,propulsion / power,exhaust systems,marine exhaust



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