Addinol Lube Oil Gmbh

Addinol Lube Oil Gmbh

Industry: animal farming

About Addinol Lube Oil Gmbh:
addinol offers the right product for every application and all operating conditions. whether for operation with natural or special gases - the advantages of addinol gas engine oils speak for themselves: - stable operation and long engine life - highest engine cleanliness - uniquely long service life up to 50 % longer than conventional gas engine oils - reliable protection against wear, deposits and corrosion - maximum oil service life exactly as required - comprehensive analysis service - highest operational safety - the right product for all gas types and conditions - approved by leading international engine manufacturers for 85 years addinol lube oil gmbh has specialised in the development and production of high-performance lubricants. the lubrication of stationary gas engines for operation with natural and special gases is one of our core competences. operating a chp can be a lucrative business. but for the calculation to really work out, all aspects must be taken into account. the composition of the gas is very individual for each plant and is subject to fluctuations. this has a direct impact on the gas engine. how it copes with this in the long term depends crucially on the gas engine oil used. only those who exclusively use an oil of highest quality especially developed for these engines can profit from the advantages of a chp in the long run. the application of the gas engine oils is accompanied by the addinol analysis service. based on regular monitoring of the characteristic values, conclusions can be drawn about the condition of oil and system. the optimum change intervals are determined with maximum safety for the operation. engines and transmissions of agricultural machinery and tractors, hydraulic units, bearings and compressors are also reliably supplied with the high-performance lubricants made in leuna. the vehicles and machines in agriculture and forestry have to perform at full capacity at all times under the most extreme conditions. reliable and s

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