Industry: food manufacturing

About Acfri:
acfri is the leading french manufacturer, specialist of blast chillers and deep freezers in mechanical cold.the factory is established next to paris.we develop an exclusive technology, which guarantees a perfect homogeneity of the air flow & tc in our equipments.the acfri factory manufacture more than 100 models of blast chillers or shock freezers, for all the capacities, from 10kg to 800kg per cycle.our ranges are presented in 2 catalogs : catering range & bakery range.our equipment are versatile, and make possible several processes : blast chilling, deep freezing, stiffening, crust freezing and thawing.our know-how, expertise, and technical approach already convinced our customers from the 5 continents and from every sector : meat, poultry & seafood industries, institution kitchens, bakery, medical.our main presentationduring the show :-acfri technology highlines-our new eco-concept 2 range which meets every environmental-friendly requirements.-our new simplytouch pad which meets every requirements for piloting, efficiency and traceability

Address: z.a. des bordes 8 rue pierre josse ,bondoufle ,91070 ,france



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