Alyco S.r.l.

Industry: automotive parts

About Alyco S.r.l.:
contact:guillermo algan/general management;our company we are a dynamic company, with experience, strong roots in the knowledge, and a deep vocation of progress and improvement. alyco s.r.l. is a family-owned company sited in the west of the city of buenos aires, since year 2004 manufactures and sells tensioners and pulleys for timing and multi v belts and kits of timing belts + tensioners with the em euromotor brand. from the beginning its goal is to offer to the market a product of the best quality, 100% compatible with oe pieces. in 2008 we obtained the iso 9001-2000 certificate for the whole productive process, issued by dqs from germany. that lead the company to have standards of international quality. the tensioners em euromotor are assembled with bearings from the most important brands in the world, and that fact, together with the modern machinery used to make the tensioners and the strict quality control guarantee optimal results of reliability, even better than the oe pieces in many cases. as a consequence of our effort and dedication we work constantly in the optimization of the designs of every piece. the spirit of self-improvement and permanent evolution of alyco srl and em euromotor has lead to exports to different countries of latin america and even to such exigent markets as germany, among others. the constant extensión of the production capacity, the new product lines and the optimization of the process of control and tests allowed alyco in 2011 to recertificate the company under the iso 9001-2008 standard, proving again its quality to the international spare parts market.

Phone: 54 1146824712

Fax: 54 1146824315

Address: fonrouge 1229,ciudad autonama de buenos aires,1440,argentina




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