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Alencon Systems

Industrial: solar power

About Alencon Systems
at alencon systems, we are passionate about power. we were founded by world leading power electronics experts who wanted to apply their unique level of knowledge and experience to help alternative energy become even more cost competitive with other forms of generation.our unique dc-dc optimizer - the spot can be applied to a variety of domains including the dc-coupling of solar + storage, microgrids and repowering of aged pv plants. in solar + storage, alencon offers a completely unnique solution for the dc-coupling of solar + storage, which makes deploying such projects far more cost effective than traditional ac-coupled techniques. for aged pv plants, the spot is able to help generate more power by injecting granular mppt into aged systems. the spot is also a fantastic tool for facilitating replacement of broken down 600 volt inverters.the spot can also serve as the backbone of the microgrid of the future by allowing microgrid developers to easily integrate solar into a microgrid.

Productions : energy storage,manufacturer - inverter,manufacturer - pv electronics,operations & maintenance,utility

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