Ac Pienas Lt

Ac Pienas Lt

Industry: food manufacturing

About Ac Pienas Lt:
lithuanian based company baltmilk is an european factory operating in milk proteins, milk permeate, liquid cream production and sales. we are ready to offer to you following products: milk protein concentrate(mpc ) mpc 85 standardmpc 85 agglomeratedmpc 85 low foamingmpc 85 soft texturempc 70 as ismpc 70mpc 56 native whey protein concentrate (nwpc 80) micellar casein concentrate (miccc 85) miccc 85 standardmiccc 85 agglomerated milk permeate (mpp) liquid cream (40%)all proteins and milk permeate could be in powder or in liquid concentrate. powdered products are possible to be agglomerated according to customer needs. factory is halal, kosher and fssc-22000 certified. all above mentioned products could be organic. lactose-free proteins are possible as well.

Address: kokybes str. 1, biruliskiu vil., kaunas dist. ,kaunas distr. ,lt-54469 ,lithuania



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