Abbi-aerotech B.v.

Abbi-aerotech B.v.

Industry: animal farming

About Abbi-aerotech B.v.:
abbi-aerotech manufactures and offers efficient ventilation- and climate solutions for dairy and poultryfarms: - energy efficient dairy fans - temperature and humidity controls - effective tube ventilation without causing draughts - energy efficient ceiling fans - cooling systems: fogging, soaking and pad cooling more than 30 years solutions for total climate systems in livestock houses. the climate in the barn is the key! the choice for the right ventilation solution depends on your specific situation. the type of barn, its location, dimensions, specific climate conditions , lay-out inside, systems in use etc., all influence the right choice to maximize the best result for your livestock. abbi aerotech helps you to design the right solution that saves you money and guarantees the best conditions in your dairy or poultry barn for animal comfort and for your profit. cooling solutions to beat the heat!

Address: smederij 23,3371 mc,hardinxveld-giessendam,nl,netherlands




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