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About Chimera Co.,ltd.:
ceo:hideki miyazaki; our main products are mostly used in the plastic injection molds for mobile phones, pc related products, and semi-conductors as essential parts/tools. our products are often used by the overseas companies and have flourished throughout the world. in recent times, the manufacturing industry especially in the mold industries, it is required to produce more precise molds with less manufacturing time. in order to meet these requirements, we often study with machine makers as well as discussion with our customers. we have our own training programs that our engineers must study. as a result, out customers are generally satisfied with the products. we manufacture our products with less than 1.0mm surface roughness and accuracy of less than ±0.005m e.d.m. and less than 0.4mm surface roughness using the surface grinder. we also succeeded in high-speed order to shorten the manufacturing time, we request the customers to send cad data by internet(e-mail), and the data is processed immediately in order to make nc data, charts, electrode designs, and using the concurrent engineering to prevent lost time and unneccessary work. we use airfreight to deliver the goods so that the customer will receive the products in the shortest possible time. our priority is customer satisfaction, we will be more than happy to accept new ideas and suggestions from customers and would be most appreciated.

Products: highprecision, plastic injection molds, press dies and molding tools

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