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About Abb Inc.:
abb has the markets broadest offer for robot-based packaging automation including specialized robotic applications for picking, packing and palletizing. we provide a wide range of standard robotics applications that do not call for dedicated solutions. great focus is also put on the handling of food and beverages, medical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products and electronic products. as a leader in robotic picking we have a multitude of installations covering a host of different products, applications and packaging line set-ups including frozen food, bakery, and confectionary as well as ice-cream, meat and fish, cheese, pet food, medical products, shampoo and perfume bottles. the irb 360, our “second generation” robot for pick and place applications is available in a stainless wash down version suitable for open food industries, is ip 69k certified and is designed to be cleaned according to industrial methods. the irb 360 is also available in a compact and long reach configuration. for full 6-axis flexibility, less demanding cycle times and payloads of up to 5 kg, we offer the irb 140. our packaging lineup includes the 4-axis irb 260 which is ideal for most applications not demanding full 6-axis robot. it also features an impressive 30 kg payload capacity. if a 6-axis robot is what you need we have many to choose from depending on the conditions of your application. furthermore, abbs unique vision-aided conveyor tracking facilitates continuous production flows and packing on the fly what about palletizing? placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems easy enough, right? what about when you need to meet the most rigorous demands in terms of box patterns, stability, precision and cycle time? in these conditions, nothing compares to robot-based automation. our irb 660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity needed for most palletizing applications. for those tasks requiring even greater payload requirements, our l

Products: case tray, loading unloading machines > robot place loading unloading machine,inspecting, detecting and checkweighing machines > vision inspecting machine,orienting, unscrambling machines > component product orienting, unscrambling machine,palletizing depalletizing machines > r

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