Actini Sas

Actini Sas

Industry: Feed Industry

About Actini Sas:
contact: emilie brouze ; actini enjoys a 65-year experience in the design and manufacturing of turnkey plants for production of liquid and dried eggs. during the viv, our team will introduce you the latest technologies to produce safe and high-quality egg products. with a large range of capacities and innovative equipment, actini lines will allow you to process from 50,000 to 4 million eggs a day and deliver whole or separated liquid eggs, salted or sugared, but also different types of egg powders (instant or high gel, high whip) to your customers. our ovocompact gathers in one skid all the equipment required to start a business in the egg processing for a really affordable price. our ovoline, industrial liquid egg production line, will allow to process larger amounts of eggs according to specific production programs. our vertical dryer ovodryer, combined with our ultra-filtration solutions will allow to produce powders with both quality and efficiency unmatched by other systems.

Phone: +33 450831950

Address: . zone dactivite de montigny 3 - maxilly,evian-les-bains 74500,france



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