Advanced Products Portugal Lda

Advanced Products Portugal Lda

Industry: food manufacturing

About Advanced Products Portugal Lda:
advanced products portugal was founded in 1985.our mission is to develop and commercialize innovative systems that ensure all thermal chain logistics operations of thermosensitive and perishable products that require tight controlled temperature.we help our customers to generate value by helping them to improve their logistics operations and to reduce energy and product waste costs.we develop innovative solutions to guarantee the thermal chain during the handling, storage and distribution phases of products at controlled temperatures, under hostile and complex climatic conditions and long-term is expanding, with an average sales growth of 11% in the last five years, reaching a turnover in portugal of around 3 million euros.the internal market represents 85% and the external market 15%, and in the short term, we aim to reach 30%. in that sense, ap network was created in 2013 with partnerships and associated offices in brazil, chile, argentina, uruguay, poland, turkey, south africa, official portuguese speaking african countries, among others. with these partnerships, app ensures its ability to respond to the more complex challenges of thermal chain management, with disruptive and efficient solutions.

Address: rua eng. frederico ulrich, n? 3210, 2?, sala 214 ,maia ,4470-605 ,portugal



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