Afex Fire Suppression Systems

Afex Fire Suppression Systems

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Afex Fire Suppression Systems:
afex is uniquely positioned to meet your fire protection needs. we know heavy equipment. we have chosen to be specialists in protecting this type of equipment. our engineering personnel have backgrounds in heavy equipment. our 45 years of discovery, innovation, manufacture and testing of vehicle fire protection systems designed exclusively for mobile heavy equipment ensures that your equipment is protected with a proven system. we recognize that any (down-time) of your machines results in lost productivity and earnings. our company is dedicated to helping you protect your investment from fire loss.

Products: vehicle fire suppression systems;dry chemical agent systems;liquid agent system;afex dual agent fire suppression system;the afex control unit

Phone: +1 919 781 6610

Fax: +1 919 787 3915

Address: 5808 lease lane, raleigh, nc 27617,united states of america



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