Juntas Illinois S.a.

Industry: automotive parts

About Juntas Illinois S.a.:
contact:matias tur/export;the company was founded in rosario, argentina, in the year 1943, under the name of martinez & tur.some years later, ricardo tur, one of the partners, acquired the totality of the firm upon which he changed the name to juntas illinois s.a. currently mr daniel tur is the chairman of the firm and shares management with a team of trained professional collaborators specialists in different areas of the business, some of whom are third generation of the family. together they keep writing the story of juntas illinois upon solid grounds of a vigorous past, a present full of expansion and a promising future full of challenges. structure a model industrial plant of international standing,juntas illinois s.a. is located on a site of 7000 m2. the concept of this new shed is a clear example of how hygiene, security and order in the framework of a pleasant working environment increases the productivity and improves the flow of all the productive processes. in order to assure the growth and continuing modernization of its infrastructure, in the last few years the company has made significant investments. we have developed a dynamic value chain that guarantees efficiency and quality of all processes. our view a wide range of products for sealing motors is presented by juntas illinois. currently our catalogue of products offers over 8500 references and continues in growing process. in order to reach this volume, the company has incorporated new technology, training of personnel, and implementation of an important development policy for suppliers so that all the value chain is under one general outline. engineering new products are developed continuously in our highly trained engineering department to meet the requirements of a market which is ever more demanding and in constant evolution. the designs as well as the execution of the die making are achieved within the organization with our own tools without having to recur to outsourcing which allows a qu

Phone: 54 3414726500

Fax: 54 3414726512

Address: juan pablo ii 2150,rosario - pcia santa fe,s2006gza,argentina

Website: www.juntasillinois.com

Email: mtur@juntasillinois.com


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