Bpi A/s

Bpi A/s

Industry: food

About Bpi A/s:
bpi is an independent trading and fmcg company with a dairy & bulk division specialized in trading dairy and various food products from all continents - to customers all over the world. with departments and agents in key markets we have the local presence necessary to ensure access to the right quantities - at the right prices.our product range includes:* milk powders* cheese* butter / replacers* poultry* french fries* lamb/mutton* meat* fish- to name a fewwe are specialized in selling products to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. no matter if you are buying private label or one of our our own brands bpi, cowpow and more we guarantee products of superior quality, at the right prices - every single time.

Products: yes,cheese,poultry & feathered game ( chicken, other poultry),frozen dairy products,meat & poultry,dairy,butter,meat unprocessed (beef, lamb, goat etc.),cream & cream products,dried milk products,frozen fruit & vegetables,dairy,dry goods,frozen meat,frozen food

Address: brogade 10,middelfart,5500,denmark

Website: www.bpi.nu


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