Changle Yongli Plastic Product Factory

Changle Yongli Plastic Product Factory

Industry: Chemical Industry

About Changle Yongli Plastic Product Factory:
yongli plastic products factory, located in changle county, shandong province, is a key link wire spiral reinforced hose pvc fiber reinforced hose, single transparent hoses, a special high-pressure hose, wire reinforced hose colored flags, fiber enhanced with a garden hose and sanitary pipe and other products processing, manufacturing and plastics processing machinery and equipment research and development, production in one of the large enterprises. an area of 50 acres, more than 20 million fixed assets, production capacity of 15,000. companys existing professional and technical personnel 45 people, including five senior titles, intermediate grade of 19 people. has a new product development center and presses r & d center, according to requirements of different specifications of products, product identification can be customized according to the tubular body coding computer or mechanical printing, but also according to requirements of different specifications, models of presses equipment .

Products: other plastics and plastic productschemical products

Address: zhuliu neighborhood,changle county,shandong;262400,shandong mainland china

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