1honestman Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry: optics

About 1honestman Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.:
for these years, we have been dedicated to the research, design and manufacture of dpss lasers and optical components. we have provided high-quality products and first-class technical services to many global laser manufacturers.

Products: beamsplittersrecombiners,coatings and thin films,dpss,filters,glasses,ir optics,laser crystals,laser diodes,lenses,micro-optics,mirrors,optically-pumped lasers,polarizers,q-switches,solid-state lasers,uv optics,windows and prisms

Phone: 86-431-85070465

Fax: 86-431-85803182

Website: www.homoptic.com

Email: opticsales@homoptic.com


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