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Industry: houseware, home decor

About Inoxworkz Co., Ltd.:
contact:mr. henry lo,inoxworkz is a leading product development and manufacturing company specializing in development houseware and kitchenware products.we strive to designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative products for a variety of companies including large international brands.our own in-house quality control system assures that your products are manufactured and delivered according to the relevant norms and with the necessary country-specific tests. our experienced product designers and engineers understand the complex requirements of the most competitive consumer markets in the listening carefully to our customers requirements and gaining an informed overview of their business, coupled with a detailed analysis of the consumers needs and an awareness of the market trend, we create designs that appeal.through our vast network of factory partners, we provide reliable low cost offshore manufacturing and production services.inoxworkz also specializes in sourcing mass produced plastics, metals and silicone products.our production team is very experienced in modern manufacturing processes including all type of plastic moldings, metal fabrication, assembly and packaging.

Products: ss household

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