Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies

Industry: optics

About Abrisa Technologies:
abrisa technologies provides integrated high precision optical products from custom glass fabrication and glass distribution to the application of thin film coatings. glass fabrication includes machining, strengthening, edging, screen printing, bus bars, drilling, cutting, and more. coatings include dichroics, ito, imito, a/r, hot & cold mirror, uv blocking, beam splitters, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and more. borofloat, corning gorilla glass, schott xensation and dragontrail distributor.

Products: beamsplittersrecombiners,ceramics,coatings and thin films,diffractive optics,filters,glasses,ir optics,lenses,micro-optics,mirrors,optical design services,optical fabrication,polarizers,polishing and grinding,uv optics,windows and prisms

Phone: 877-622-7472

Fax: 805-525-8604

Website: www.abrisatechnologies.com


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