Terra Drone

Terra Drone

Industry: geospatial

About Terra Drone:
we have launched our image processing software ˇ°terra mapperˇ± designed to assist drone surveying services at august 2017. terra mapper is an automated drone navigation, image processing, and 3d image analysis program that is available in both cloud and desktop versions. it enables users to accurately inspect the 2d & 3d data images produced by their nominated drone service, allowing effective analysis at a more cost-efficient price.we provide useful services for maintaining the volume of soil and managing the progress of construction, using laser survey and photogrammetry through drone technology (uav), and high-precision 3-dimensional drawings in a short period of time.we have worked on over 400 projects in domestic civil engineering surveys using drones, including projects with major general contractors and construction machine makers.in addition, we have also developed utm (uav traffic management), a system that grasps real-time location information of unmanned aerial vehicles and supports the efficiency and safe flights of multiple drones.

Phone: 81-3-6419-7193

Fax: 81-3-6419-7194

Address: jinguumae, shibuya-ku,150-0001,tokyo,japan

Website: www.terra-drone.co.jp

Email: info.jp@terra-drone.co.jp


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