Industry: Chemical Industry

About Agrisky
agrisky co.,ltd. is an export-oriented entity enterprise specializing in profound processing of agricultural and sideline products. general manager, yu yinghui, was born in yunxi district, yueyang city in january 1978. in 2004, chemisky co., ltd. was founded by a state-owned enterprise affiliated to hunan foreign economic commission (hereinafter referred to as our company).in 2013, the positive response of the central and provinces, called public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation, outside the main home founded in agrisky co., ltd., has invested 75 million yuan in cloud area (about 15 km from chenglingji newport pier international road) to build camellia meal deep processing project, ecological raise shrimp meal with tea deep processing technology research and development and application of project, etc.the core competitiveness of our company: first, we collect camellia seeds (the residue after oil extraction from camellia seeds) from yueyang city, hunan province and even all over the country to increase the income of camellia farmers;the second is to use the patented technology of our company to produce tea seed powder for natural cleaning, tea seed powder for ecological shrimp breeding, etc., to turn harm into profit and waste into treasure.natural cleaning special tea seed powder (natural surfactant) can partially replace daily chemical cleaning products, reduce peoples use of daily chemical products, return to the original simplicity, is the good news for peoples health and happiness.ecological raise shrimp dedicated tea seed powder (natural pesticides) can replace the use of chemicals to destroy the shrimp farming the miscellaneous fish in the pond, such as apple snails (including clear pond), is indispensable to hatang breeding just need the product, remove noise pollution to be destroyed after the subject matter and the entire hatang heavy metals and toxins residue, ecological environmental protection and sustainable order to develop oil tea

Products: mineral acids & inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals, other agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizerschemical products

Address: green chemical industrial zone, daorenji, lucheng town , yunxi district, yueyang, hunan, china.;414009,hunan china



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