Rumble Tuff

Rumble Tuff

Industry: medical device and equipment

About Rumble Tuff:
imagine a breast pump with the suction of your favorite hospital pump and more features, yet it fits easily in your handbag and is durable enough to last for multiple full-time pumping journeys. rumble tuff breast pumps combine hospital-strength suction with our unique, proprietary waveform to meld the comfort of old-fashioned piston pumps with modern features and efficiency - in a small, ultra-portable package with an expected motor life of over 2000 hours (compared to as low as 250 hours for other pumps).rumble tuff offers fifteen flange sizes from 13-40mmbecause nipples are not one-size fits all. we are a who code compliant company. we also make customer support our top priority, offering assistance in both english and spanish.join our moms group, rumble tuff moms group, on facebook. for ibclc lives, discount codes, give-aways, and more.rumble tuff users can schedule appointments with our ibclcfree of charge. check out our blog, rumble tuffs pump talk for evidence-based re sources and breast shield/flange size guides.fill out our rumble tuff insurance form to see if you qualify fora free rumble tuff pump through your insurance provider.we offer both multi-user and single-user pumps, and our entire breast pump line assists parents in achieving their feeding goals with closed-system, easy-to-use, durable products (less than 1% return rate) with low prices. visit us to watch a demo showing how our waveform can transform pumping sessions.all rumble tuff breast pumps offer:hospital-performance suction with both high and low suction optionsclosed-systemproprietary waveform with delayed vacuum release2000+ expected life motor (most other pump motors range from 250-1200 hours)two year warrantymanual pump included15 available flange sizes in two styleslactation support free of charge

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