Abl Srl

Abl Srl

Industry: Fresh fruit/vegetable, Dried fruits/nuts

About Abl Srl:
fourty years of activity all committed to technological innovation and the ability to meet the needs of clients on an international level, abl has established itself as the leading manufacturer of machines in the fruit processing industry. accompanying the growth of the freshcut produce market, the company from the emilia romagna area in italy has refined its expertise, especially in the supply of automatic and mechanical peelers and corers, and is specialized in separating the non-edible parts of the fruit from the pulp. following the common thread of innovation, over time, abl has constantly enriched the range of technology it offers: from classic peelers for apple and pear to mango peeler and destoner, adding a watermelon cutter and chunker passing through the orange and kiwi peeler as well as including a pineapple and melon peeler and chunker. special project have also been developed in the need to find solution for butternut squash peeling and coconut desheller.flexible production lines, innovating technology and highly personalized solutions is the key factor in abls daily activity.ever improving performance, high safety standards, automation in processes in view of zeroing the contamination risk for fruit handling.great partnerships with clientsthe competence of abl covers the entire area of the project realization: starting from design to installation, from the commissioning through the training of personnel at the customers plant.the after sale service and the possibility to assure the proper functioning of the machines in the time has allowed us to obtain appreciation and additional collaboration on the market. the after sales service is therefore an integral part of our offer.contact us for your projects!

Products: technical systems

Phone: +39053558927

Fax: +39 053558903

Address: via dell artigianato 5/2,41032,cavezzo,province of modena,italy

Website: www.ablcavezzo.it


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