5 Am Tag E.v. C/o Serviceburo

5 Am Tag E.v. C/o Serviceburo

Industry: Fresh fruit/vegetable, Dried fruits/nuts

About 5 Am Tag E.v. C/o Serviceburo:
a continuous increase of fruit and vegetable consumption with 5 am tag 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day - that is what 5 am tag e.v. has been advocating for many years, and people throughout germany are very slowly beginning to reach that goal. it requires credibility, a wealth of ideas and staying power as well as a strong network of partners in health, science, economics and the fruit trade as a viable basis.the tried and tested recipe: to make fruit and vegetables so temptingly available that having some becomes an increasingly normal habit. that is what 5 am tag keeps on developing new initiatives and concepts for. special attention is paid to an attractive fruit offer in the areas in which we spend most of our daily time - at work and in school.it is thus that campaigns and initiatives for health promotion at the workplace are particular popular, such as a project in small and medium-sized companies, which links the aspects of diet, exercise and relaxation. company fruit subscriptions have proven to be a particularly convenient and sustainable measure. at www.5amtag.de/frucht-am-arbeitsplatz/ 5 am tag brings together all interested companies and suppliers, which is a win-win situation for both employees as well as dealers.5 am tag has also become an integral part of school life. the associations longstanding commitment to a school fruit programme in germany has played an important part in ensuring that today pupils in 12 federal states are provided with free fruit and vegetables in their school breaks. furthermore, new projects continuously enrich school life, be it the lidl fruit school, the rewe school cone campaign or the 5 am tag initiative plant your own sandwich, where children plant their own 5 am tag vegetable patch and get a taste for the matter in a particularly playful way.these and other offers are accompanied by attention-grabbing 5 am tag information materials, events and promotions, continuous public relations as well as a modern presence

Products: fresh products;services

Phone: +4962133840114

Fax: +49 621 33840161

Address: carl-reuther-str. 1,68305,mannheim,baden-wurttemberg,germany

Website: www.5amtag.de


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