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Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. basic intro:
an incinerator is an essential piece of farm machinery. the agricultural range of animal waste incinerators from addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all types of solid farm waste. addfield environmental systems ltd are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of agricultural incinerators. we are established and widely recommended across the industry, from working closely with pig, poultry and cattle farmers worldwide for close to 40 years. our incinerators have been specifically designed to help you to reduce your costs while also maintaining your biosecurity through handling your animal waste disposal efficiently on site. bringing over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines to securely incinerate your fallen stock, making us the experts in the industry. we have a wide range of advanced machines available for all scales of farming operation which ensures that we will have the perfect machine for you. addfield agricultural incinerators are unique in their design and construction. as global innovators, we can provide you with the most reliable and efficient solutions. our range includes solutions for all sizes of requirements from 50kg to more than 2000kg. we have developed the most fuel-efficient approach to incineration by combining superior build quality; incorporating a thick steel outer body, alongside a multi layered firebrick lined refractory. this means our machines heat up quicker, maintain temperature longer, keep the heat inside where it is needed and require up to 40% less fuel to complete a thorough cremation compared to most other machines on the market. this approach saves you time and more importantly it saves you money. to ensure that you have the right machine we will work closely with you to match the right solution for your business requirements. managing your own livestock incineration brings many financial, environmental and biosecurity benefits. incineration is one of the only methods that

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