Adifeed Sp. Z O.o.

Adifeed Sp. Z O.o.

Industry: animal farming

About Adifeed Sp. Z O.o.:
adifeed is an expert in the production of specialized phytogenic products. our innovative products provide a natural alternative to antibiotics, antibiotic growth promoters and coccidiostats. currently, the adifeed brand is recognised in many countries on four continents. our customers are happy to increase their production results with improved economics. implementing a modern attitude to animal production through a positive influence on intestinal microflora ensures the homeostasis of the animal organisms which enables farmers to achieve their assumed goals. as experts, we are deeply convinced that meeting todays challenges of producing healthy and safe foods is our mutual responsibility. we contribute to it with the top quality raw materials, long years of scientific research, know-how that is unique in the world, and highly qualified specialists who treat their work as a mission. adifeed - a recipe for health without antibiotics!

Address: ul. opaczewska 43,02-201,warsaw,pl,poland



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