10 Med Llc.

Industry: Medical Products

About 10 Med Llc.:
our company was created in 2010 in moscow for sales, commercialization and marketing support of perspective innovative medical developments of russian scientists and engineers in the international medical market.our priority activities are:searching and commercialization of projects in the field of telemedicine, cloud services for data analysis of personal mobile diagnostic devices;searching of developments and projects related to non-invasive methods of early diagnostics and for monitoring of the effectiveness of the therapy of different groups of diseases (cardiovascular, neurological, skin, gastrointestinal, etc.);creation of a network of distributors of professional and mobile diagnostic devices;sreating of the possibility for every citizen of our planet to buy an innovative affordable diagnostic device with remote transmission of the results to the doctor or to the family, which lead to the possibility of remote consultation and immediate help in case of necessity or impossibility of visit of the doctor.we invite for cooperation:distributors in the eu, asia and south america;equipment manufacturers in the field of telemedicine in different countries to combine the experience and to develop the joint projects;companies interested in selling of their own products on new markets.

Address: novinskiy blvd., 18, bld. 1, office viii,moscow,121069,russia

Website: www.maximed.pro


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