Angus Chemie Gmbh Succursale France Sa

Angus Chemie Gmbh Succursale France Sa

Industry: pharma Industry

About Angus Chemie Gmbh Succursale France Sa:
angus life sciences is a leading global producer of essential raw materials for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. from cost-effective building blocks and multifunctional topical excipients to world-class tris reagents, we offer the highest purity and most consistent materials to the market. our promise of a reliable, 100% traceable supply is unmatched, and only available from angus, the worlds only fully integrated manufacturer of tris reagents. from discovery to launch, discover a better way with angus.

Products: biopharmaceuticalsbio process technologies,biopharmaceuticals (general category),biotechnology and related specialities;pharmaceutical technology, laboratory and analytical equipmentbiochemicals;custom manufacturingpurification and separation techniques,synthetic organic chemistry;intermediates,

Address: 6, avenue du marais , 95100, argenteuil, france



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