Abrasive Materials Solutions

Industry: optics

About Abrasive Materials Solutions:
abrasive and superabrasive powders, slurries & fluids used in planarization, fabrication, and finishing of glass & precision optics, ophthalmics, semiconductor, electronics & metallurgy. manufactured by hunan haozhi technology co ltd. since 2004, these compounds have been used and trusted around the world. users include corning, foxconn, ophir, hoya, samsung, minolta and many of the industrys most demanding customers. ask for samples to try in your factory and save 30% - 40% or more vs. similar products. ships from california. call (510) 556-4108 or info@opticsabrasives.com.

Products: adhesives,ceramics,laser crystals,light-sensitive materials,metamaterials,nonlinear optical materials,optical fabrication,polishing and grinding,semiconductor materials and substrates,structured photonic materials

Phone: (510) 556-4108

Fax: (510) 298-5962

Website: www.opticsabrasives.com


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