Fuso Machine & Mold Mfg. Co.,ltd.

Industry: molds

About Fuso Machine & Mold Mfg. Co.,ltd.:
representative director:hisashi okita; (1)glass molds:we hold especially in bottle molds the largest market shape. basic materials(casting iron) are developed by us and now supplied from our brother camps. (2)plastic molds:we have wide experience for direct blow and injection blow bottle especially. we have a reputation for precise injection molds of plastic caps and containers.

Products: (1)glass molds/blow forming(2)plastic molds/blow-,injection- and conpression forming

Phone: 0726-43-1212

Fax: 0726-41-1548

Address: 3-10, nishi-toyokawa-cho, ibaraki-city, osaka 567-0058

Website: www.fuso-seiko.co.jp

Email: ktv10005@nifty.ne.jp


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