1logistics Zuralski Sp. Z O. O.

1logistics Zuralski Sp. Z O. O.

Industry: industrial

About 1logistics Zuralski Sp. Z O. O.:
the company 1logistics zuralski sp. z o.o. offers a wide assortment of products for transport and storage both of metal as of plastic. within the metal products our speciality are steel containers for heavy loads with dynamic load capacity up to 3 tons and static load capacity up to 14 tons. our steel boxes are offered in different versions of equipment: -on feet or skids; -with or without side flaps; -with or without lids;-with painted or galvanized surface. our metal products also include universal containers and pallets of the volkswagen group. the offer of metal products is completed by steel pallets in a wide range of formats and heavy machine pallets. in the assortment of plastic packagings our strong point are large plastic pallets from size 1200 x 1000 mm up to 1800 x 1800 mm as well as hygienic pallets with closed top deck.;manufacturer[type]

Products: hygienic plastic pallets;large plastic pallets;pallets vw 0012, 114003, boxes vw 0001

products of 1logistics Zuralski Sp. Z O. O.

Phone: +48 59 8112740

Fax: +48 59 8425253

Address: wlynkowko 20,76-200 slupsk,poland,

Website: www.1logistics.com.pl


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