Ados-tech, Uab

Ados-tech, Uab

Industry: optics and photonics

About Ados-tech, Uab:
irvi infrared viewers is a brand hold by ados-tech, uab based in europe, lithuania. irvi suggests high quality, cost-effective, wide spectral range near infrared viewers and ccd/cmos cameras. irvi production is used to observe, register and record both indirect and direct radiation of ir lasers, light emitting diodes (leds), dye and other ir-sources. it is ideal for ir-laser beam alignment and inspection, optical fibre alignment, telecomunications, photo processing, surveillance and investigation in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, infrared microscopy, fluorescence etc. our team have more than 20 years of experience in research, development, prototyping and production of many types infrared devices, including viewers and ccd/cmos type cameras. we are providing compact, wider spectral range newest technology products: cmos type ir digital cameras with the newest technology cmos sensor, micro lenses and intensifying cascades in each element. (spectral range is 400 - 1700nm) ccd type ir cameras which are based on high-sensitivity, low-noise silicon ccd sensor and two-photon absorption phenomenon. superior image quality is obtained with micro lens system and special coating layer on a silicon. those features allow to operate camera in much winder spectral range (400 - 1700nm). hand held ergonomic infrared viewers based on high-grade image converter with spectral range up to 2000nm. ;spie bios 2021;spie photonics west 2021;

Address: ados-tech uab,vilnius,vilniaus,lithuania,08412



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