Accu:rate Gbr

Accu:rate Gbr

Industry: Fire Fighting,Safety and Security

About Accu:rate Gbr:
accu:rate addresses all those who are responsible for peoples safety, whether in buildings, infrastructure facilities or during events. questions occur while planning on fire safety, escape routes or capacities: to answer these questions, one has to take into account the human factor and the complex dynamics of pedestrian flows; even small changes in the number of visitors or the spatial layout can have large effects.our computational simulations allow you to recognize possible risks already during the planning phase and to develop and test strategies to mimize such risks. in addition, the results show the operator of the building or the event planner remaining potential hotspots explicitly, which may require special attention. thus, accu:rate supports you to increase the safety of public and infrastructural buildings and events significantly and sustainably.

Products: simulation of pedestrian flows

Phone: +49 89 21553869

Address: arcisstr. 21,80333 munchen,germany



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