Acrylicon Polymers Gmbh

Acrylicon Polymers Gmbh

Industry: food manufacturing

About Acrylicon Polymers Gmbh:
All Acrylicon Floors offer the following benefit as standard: Slip resistant, fire resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant & water resistant, Seamless, hygienic, non-dusting & easy to clean AcryliCon Decor: The Acrylicon Decor System is a 4mm quartz filled, trowel applied floor coating with excellent slip resistance values, longevity and cleanability.; AcryliCon Flake: The Acrylicon Flake System is 2-3mm thick and encapsulates decorative flakes within its chemically bonded monolithic structure. AcryliCon Variant: The Acrylicon Variant System is a industrial grade, mono-colour, self-levelling system which can be installed with or without scattered flakes and cures between 1-2 hours.;AcryliCon lndustry: The Acrylicon lndustry System is a trowel applied mortar system with excellent compressive strength and tensile strength in bending.;AcryliCon Levelling Screed: Levelling Screed is a solvent-free, 2 component methacrylic polymer mortar with high compressive and flexural strength.. contact:bernd diel/production manager

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